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Servicing Cranbourne and all of Melbourne

Resting Waters Flameless Pet Cremation employs a water-based alternative to traditional fire cremation. Known as water cremation or Alkaline Hydrolysis, this method utilizes a mixture comprising 95% warm water and 5% alkaline, composed of natural mineral salts found in eco-friendly cleaning products and various personal hygiene items. During the process, this solution gently envelops your pet's body within its own dedicated stainless steel chamber.


This unique approach closely mirrors the natural decomposition process but is condensed into a 20-hour timeframe. It achieves this by effectively breaking the chemical bonds within the cells through the combination of water and alkaline solution. Consequently, the body undergoes a transformation into its fundamental nutrient elements, presenting a more environmentally friendly and compassionate alternative to traditional pet cremation methods.

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Green Technology

Aquamation, or water cremation, stands out as the most ecologically sustainable method of disposition, boasting significantly lower energy demands compared to traditional fire-based cremation.

To illustrate, consider the initial cremation of the day involving a small animal like a cat. In the case of fire cremation, the energy consumption could be roughly equivalent to heating a home for nearly three days in the midst of a severely cold winter (-15°C). In stark contrast, water cremation utilizing the same energy quantum is akin to running your dishwasher just once.


This stark contrast underscores the environmental advantages of water cremation in minimizing energy usage.


Water cremation is the gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fire cremation

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Alkaline Hydrolysis

⦁    Produces zero harmful emissions, including greenhouse gases
⦁    Consumes 90% less energy than flame based cremation
⦁    Not reliant on fossil fuels
⦁    1/10 the carbon footprint of flame based cremation
⦁    A gentle and respectful process
⦁    20% more ashes returned to families

Alkaline hydrolysis effectively breaks down all organic matter, including viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and even prions responsible for challenging diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (Mad Cow Disease), which are notoriously resistant to neutralization.

The resulting solution is entirely sterile and non-toxic, enriched with nutrients. When discharged into municipal water treatment systems (sewers), it proves beneficial, also serving as a natural, chemical-free fertilizer.

Upon completion of the process, we are left with the sterile nutrient solution and mineral deposits from the bone. The gentle nature of this system allows us to return approximately 20% more ash remains compared to traditional fire-based cremation.


Additionally, by placing your pet in its individual chamber, we can ensure that you receive all and only your pet's remains.

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