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Water Cremation

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Resting Waters Flameless Pet Cremation uses water instead of fire.  Water cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis) uses 95% warm water and 5% alkaline.  This is the same natural mineral salts that are used in some eco cleaning products as well as many personal hygiene products.
The solution gently washes over your pet's body as they lay in their own separate stainless steel chamber.  The process actually mimics the natural decomposition process, compressed into 20 hours, reducing the body to its natural form in water by breaking the bonds between chemicals in the cells, reducing them to their base nutrient elements. 

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Green Technology

Water cremation is also the most environmentally friendly method of disposition, having energy requirements which are drastically less than that of fire-based cremation.  

For example, if the first cremation of the day were a small animal like a cat, fire cremation could consume roughly the same amount of energy it would take to heat a home for almost 3 days in the middle of a very cold winter (-15 C) compared to water cremation using the same amount of energy required to run your dishwasher once. 


Water cremation is the gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fire cremation

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Alkaline Hydrolysis

⦁    Produces zero harmful emissions, including greenhouse gases
⦁    Consumes 90% less energy than flame based cremation
⦁    Not reliant on fossil fuels
⦁    1/10 the carbon footprint of flame based cremation
⦁    A gentle and respectful process
⦁    20% more ashes returned to families

Alkaline hydrolysis breaks down all organic matter including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and drugs.  It even destroys prions which are responsible for diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (Mad Cow Disease)

which are incredibly difficult to neutralize.

The remaining solution is a completely sterile and non-toxic nutrient-rich effluent that can be beneficial when discharged into municipal water treatment systems (sewers) and can be used as a natural chemical-free fertilizer.

On completion of the cycle, we are left with the sterile nutrient solution and the mineral deposits of bone.  Because the system is so gentle we are able to return approximately 20% more ash remains compared to fire-based cremation and because we place your pet in their own individual chamber, we can guarantee that you receive all and only your pet's remains.

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