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Our Process
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7-Step Quality Assurance

Resting Waters recognises that the loss of a pet can be a very distressing time for families, which is why we ensure your pet is afforded the highest level of care.


Our quality assurance process will provide you with the peace of mind that your pet is being treated with the utmost dignity and care, and that the ashes that are returned to you belong only to your beloved pet.

Step 1

Booking & ID Creation

We receive your booking via phone or email and create a unique identifying tag to follow your pet throughout their journey.

Step 3

Confirm Details

We contact you to confirm all of the details of your water-cremation order and discuss any keepsakes you would like us to collect.

Step 2

Collection of your Pet

Your pet is collected from your vet's surgery, home (or other location) and is scanned for a microchip, which if present, will be noted on their booking form as a second tracking identifier.

Step 4

Keepsakes such as ink or clay prints are created and fur, feathers or scales are collected prior to water cremation.

Step 5

Water Cremation 

Your pet's id tag is checked again prior to placing them in their own sealed individual stainless steel cradle.  Their id number and details are then written on our whiteboard in the corresponding cradle space so that we know exactly where each pet in our care has been placed.

Step 6

Completion of Process

Upon completion of water-cremation, each pet's bone remains, id tag and microchip (if applicable) are placed in a basket on a drying rack. 

Once dry their ashes are placed in the urn of your choice.  The urn, id tag, microchip and keepsakes are collated and a cremation certificate is created.

Step 7

Final Checks

One final check of the booking form, id tag, microchip, urn and keepsake choices is performed before returning your pet's ashes home.

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