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Mission Statement

The loss of a pet can be truly heart-breaking. At Resting Waters, we know first hand what a difficult time this can be and understand how you are feeling, which is why we are committed to delivering a compassionate service to assist you through your grief.

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We ensure that every step of the process is meticulously managed in a professional
and respectful manner

  • Prompt and efficient collection from your vet centre, home or location of your choice

  • Compassionate, dignified mortuary care by fully trained staff

  • The creation of a unique pet identifier to track your pet throughout our entire process to ensure quality individualised care

  • The collection of keepsakes and momentos such as fur, feathers, scales and paw prints etc as requested

  • All services are completed within 7 days.  A 24-hour service is available on request

  • We guarantee private flameless cremation.  Your pet will be placed in their own private stainless steel cradle

  •  This ensures that you are 100% guaranteed that the ashes you receive will be those of your pet and only your pet

  • The return of your pets ashes with a flameless cremation certificate within 10 business days.  Please note the keepsakes and momentos can take longer as they may need to be individually produced or customised off-site.

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We promise to provide: