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Flameless Pet Cremation

The loss of a pet can be truly heart-breaking.

At Resting Waters, we know first-hand what a difficult time this can be and understand how you are feeling, which is why we are committed to delivering a compassionate service to assist you through your grief.

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About Us

We can't imagine a life without the comfort of animals, which is why we're committed to a dignified end of life process for every pet that comes into our care.

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Water- Cremation

Resting Waters Flameless Pet Cremation uses water instead of fire.  Water cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis) uses 95% warm water and 5% alkaline (potassium hydroxide – KOH).  This is the same natural chemical that is used in some eco cleaning products as well as many personal hygiene products.

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Animal Kingdom
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Tim, Warrnambool

 Fantastic new environmentally friendly business. Great service and communication.

Get behind this local business.  

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JG, Essendon

LeAnn was so caring and made the whole experience so much easier to deal with. I am highly recommending her service to anyone I speak to as she was simply fantastic.

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Susan, Port Fairy

When I made the call for the Vet to come to my house and put poor Zarah to sleep, the next call I made was to LeAnn at Resting Waters. A blubbering mess I was, Rhys took over the call. After meeting LeAnn for the first time with Zarah in the car, straight away I was calm and at peace. What an absolute AMAZING service! When I got  Zarah back I was blown away by everything Resting Waters' had done. Thank you so much, what a great service for our community!

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